slga offers the ability to download geographic subsets of raster data from the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia. The Grid was generated in 2014 from a compilation of Australian soil and landscape data and contains a set of modelled soil attributes that meet the specification.

Also available for download are a set of terrain and climate covariates considered useful in soils modelling. These are primarily derived from GeoScience Australia’s SRTM DEM products.

All products are returned in GDA94 long/lat (EPSG:4283) and have a cell resolution of 3" (roughly 90m).

Getting Started

Install from github with


then read the package vignette.

Asking for help

If you get stuck using this package or the data it provides, please post a question on Stack Overflow (for internet connectivity problems) or the GIS StackExchange (for raster/geospatial issues). This means that others can benefit from the discussion, and more people are available to help you. You’re welcome to ping me in a comment on those websites or on twitter (@obrl_soil) to get my attention.